Start the Quiz Gossip Girl ran for six successful seasons, between and , entertaining teenagers and young adults everywhere the entire time! They dealt with receiving threatening messages from an unknown source until they finally banded together to keep each other safe from danger. Try to remember the differences between these two shows! This character is named Nate Archibald. He dealt with a lot of relationship drama and family issues throughout his teenage years. His father got caught up in breaking the law and ended up going to jail at one point! He faced romantic highs and lows with every single female lead character from the show he starred in.

Pretty Little Liars

Spencer is dating Toby Cavanaugh. She struggles with self-image issues rooted the torment received growing up at the hands of Ali. Hanna transformed herself into the most popular girl in school, along with her best friend, Mona, following Ali’s disappearance. She falls in love with Caleb Rivers, a phone hacker and relative newcomer to Rosewood.

Cast of Pretty Little Liars Dating Troian Bellisario (Spencer) Born 10/28/ Troian began dating Suits actor Patrick J. Adams. The two met when she made a guest appearance on Suits and he has worked with her on Pretty Little Liars.

Do you often wonder if any of the on-screen romances make their way off the screen into the real world? The two met when she made a guest appearance on Suits and he has worked with her on Pretty Little Liars. She dated Justin Thorne from and Ryan Good from She is currently dating Anthony Kalabretta as of The couple has two kids together: Jack was born in and Lucy was born in Previously, she was married to actor Bryan Travis Smith from She was also married to actor David Donoho from Holly and David have three sons together: Finley was born in , Riley was born in and Kelley was born in Their first daughter Mabel was born in and second daughter Fiona was born in

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is On The “A” Team :

The Liars spent years thinking that Jenna was A when they were in high school, so it’s easy for them to believe that it’s not a coincidence she’s returned to Rosewood mere hours after they buried the body of Archer Dunhill Huw Collins in the woods. They’re not wrong to be suspicious of their former classmate. The final moments of the episode revealed that Jenna and Archer are connected, meaning that Jenna knew he was never Elliott Rollins. That skyrockets her to the top of the list of potential A.

Freeform What can you tell us about what Jenna has been up to for the last five years?

Spencer could win the Pretty Little Power Rankings this week just for her hair, which was far and away the best of the episode and maybe even the best we’ve seen all season. Major points for.

Bellisario is set to direct the fifteenth episode of the season. Marlene King with the principal cast of the show announced that Pretty Little Liars would end after the seventh season. King also announced that the show would start airing the second half of the season later than usual, in April and that the series finale would be a two-hour episode event. Marlene King talked about the show and behind-the-scenes exclusive. News that “Seven seasons will definitely end the show. She later took to Twitter where she confirmed that the current storyline that began in the second half of the sixth season would end after the seventh season, but would not necessarily mean that the show would end after the seventh season.

Adams said in June , that the show was ending in , as the couple has decided to get married after the show ends. The season saw the four protagonists of the series continue the roles as they try to take down the new ‘A’. Troian Bellisario played Spencer Hastings , who has relationship problems with Caleb, while Ashley Benson played Hanna Marin , who was kidnapped at the end of last season.

Lucy Hale continued her role as Aria Montgomery as she is set in a love triangle with Ezra and her boyfriend Liam. Shay Mitchell portrayed Emily Fields who begins to rekindle her relationship with Alison. Sasha Pieterse continued to portray Alison DiLaurentis as Alison struggles with being in a psych-ward. Janel Parrish returned as Mona Vanderwaal who seems to be finally on their side.

Pretty Little Liars star Tammin Sursok hints at baby number two Online

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Pretty Little Liars will kick off its last ten episodes on April 18, and the final season of the Freeform series will reveal the identity of Uber A, also known as A.D. The mysterious villain, who.

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The Complete Dating History of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast (PHOTOS)

There’s much speculation over whether Alison was just manipulating Emily or actually has feelings for her and was an Armored Closet Gay. It turns out to be both. Mona seems even less ambiguous toward Hanna.

Sabrina, Pretty Little Liars. Last Modified: May 31, Show: Pretty Little Liars. they started dating but Emily’s tendency to lie and keep secrets put a lot of strain on the relationship. While talking to Paige, Emily told her that while Sabrina was nice, she did not see a future with her. Jenna Marshall. Emily Fields. Alison.

Whether you’re Team Haleb or Spaleb or even Spoby, you won’t want to miss this essential history of the Liars. Desperate Housewives for teens Freeform Most fans probably know that Pretty Little Liars is based on the Sara Shepard book series of the same name, but there’s more to its history than that. Alloy Entertainment, a book-packaging and television production subset of Warner Bros. Alloy then chose Shepard, a ghostwriter at the time, to pen the novels with the hopes that the story would become must-see TV.

Wanted was supposed to be the final chapter in the Liars books, but after its release, Shepard decided to carry on. The theme song was picked by a cast member Actress Ashley Benson Hanna was the person who suggested the Pierces’ pitch-perfect “Secret” for the show’s intro. They took it to creator I.

Pretty Little Liars : Is jenna really blind

After an initial order of 10 episodes on June 28, , ABC Family ordered an additional 12 episodes for season one. These episodes began airing on January 3, and ended on March 21, The ratings success of the first 10 episodes prompted the book series to be extended beyond the initial eight novels.

Apr 14,  · Pretty Little Liars 3×02 – The Girl’s Discover That Jenna Isn’t Blind. AriaEmily HannaSpencer. Pretty Little Liars – Jenna 3×02 – Duration: PrettyLittleLiarsepi 31, views.

Pretty Little Liars 1. But even during this time of crisis, the young ladies still managed to make sure that their makeup and hair was flawless and that their priority of the week homecoming was in order. Sean looks a bit jealous by the way. Aria tries to talk to Ezra Fitz, but he throws her the cold shoulder. In the cafeteria, Emily runs into Maya and the two have an awkward moment. Mona suddenly makes a special appearance to comment about Spencer taking Alex to the dance. Hanna puts the ex-loser in her place before telling Spencer to ignore the poor girl.

Toby finds Emily and asks her to the dance, which comes as a surprise to Emily, but she accepts anyway. Meanwhile, Maya bumps into Hanna, who feels that Maya should know that Emily would like it if Maya showed up at the dance. Maya gets the code and smiles. Alex insists and Spencer loses to the Flirt God and accepts his offer. Outside the school, Jenna waits for Toby, who she feels is selling himself short if he thinks that Emily will give him the time of the day. Hanna makes her way to the therapist office, but is blocked from the files by bumbling painters.

Pretty Little Liars (TV series)

When, exactly, is the series going to stop featuring male authority figures who unabashedly hit on or sleep with the female high school students? This past winter, Season 4 kicked things up a notch: Not only was it implied that Ezra once dated Alison — a year-old girl — back when he was in college, but two other characters also had incidents with older guys — one a detective and the other a sober coach from rehab. Though it never explicitly mentions the issues of legality on the show, the writers carefully walk the line.

We’re only four episodes in, but things are really starting to heat up on Pretty Little Liars Season Although one of the biggest mysteries of the show was supposedly resolved last season.

We all want the answer to the biggest and most important question in Pretty Little Liars: It’s not long until we find out we’ve been promised we’ll get an answer , but there’s no harm in gathering together everything we know so far, is there? Check them out below and catch up on the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars right here on Freeform! It’s probably easier at this stage to start speculating about who A.

We don’t think it’s Jenna. For one, she said “you’re A. We think this rules her out, but that isn’t to say she’s not suspicious. We know this girl’s involved in the A-Game somehow. And it doesn’t seem like it’s Sydney either. It looks like Sydney has been working for A. Does she know who A. Or are they a just nameless person in a black hoodie for her as well? This board game has taken technology and games to a whole other level.

When we think of tech-savvy people, there’s obviously two characters that spring to mind:

Pretty Little Liars “The Jenna Thing” Recap

Cold Opening Creator Cameo: Seth is made even creepier because it was implied he has some form of psychic ability. The dolls that A sends to the girls, and the dolls in the doll shop especially the one resembling Alison near the end of If These Dolls Could Talk.

Pretty Little Liars: A-List Wrap Party aired days ago Cast members Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse join series showrunner I. Marlene King for a revealing discussion of tightly held secrets, behind-the-scenes insights and memorable moments.

Pretty Little Liars picked up for another season Season 2: What You Need to Know: As the show continues, they discover more secrets that can harm not only them but the ones around them. Yes, the general storyline is the same, but the specifics are much different. The police tell the girls that the shovel they were using to dig with that night was actually the murder weapon that was used to kill Ali.

At the end of the summer finale, Jenna and officer Garrett talk about them killing Alison which brings up more questions than answers… Catching Up Before the Start of Season 3: She and Ezra told her parents, and her parents reacted how most parents would react: However, all Caleb could recover is a creepy picture of a doll with hideous wallpaper in the background. After snooping around the guest sign-in book, they discover Garrett Yani Gellmen signed Jenna out the night Alison died.

Pretty Little Liars’ Brant Daughtry Is Engaged

The first half of the season addresses the issue of whether or not Garrett Reynolds Yani Gellman actually killed or was involved in the murder of the girls’ former friend and queen bee, Alison DiLaurentis Sasha Pieterse and who killed Maya St. Germain Bianca Lawson in the season two finale, while the second half deals with the reveal that Toby Cavanaugh is a member of the A-Team.

Spencer discovering the information about Toby sends her on a dark path, until Mona fakes Toby’s death, which sends Spencer completely over the edge, leading to her being admitted to Radley.

Pretty Little Liars channelled their inner Prom Night/Carrie last night as the girls prepared for the Rosewood Homecoming Dance and tried to solve the mystery of “A”, before the elusive.

A former loser who was tormented by Alison yet still idolized her , Mona and Hanna became really close friends after Ali goes missing, and become the top popular girls of Rosewood High. She’s witty and can be mean at times, but treats Hanna like a sister and seems to get along with the other Liars as well. The second season finale reveals that she’s A, and she’s sent to an asylum after being diagnosed as insane.

She returns to school after “getting better” in the second half of season 3, but continues working with the second A all along, until she’s betrayed in the season finale and almost burnt alive with the Liars. She is promoted to main character status in the fourth season. Blonde in the book, brunette in the TV show. In the original book series, Mona dies when she tries to kill Spencer.

While the same scene happens in the Season 2 finale, she manages to survive. Everything from that moment onwards has been created exclusively for the TV series. In early Season 1. It’s still unclear if she has genuinely ended her vendetta against the Liars.

pretty little liars how jenna became blind

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